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Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are you tired of hearing how important sleep is, when you struggle to sleep night after night? What if you knew there was an easy and affordable sleep system GUARANTEED to get you the sleep you need and deserve? Read on to find out more . . .

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Why is fixing our sleep so difficult?

Good sleep is our birthright. And yet, for some of us, sleeping well can seem like an impossible dream. Why is fixing our sleep problems so hard sometimes?


Poor sleep can become a habit

Struggling with sleep can become your new normal, an ingrained habit that is difficult to break. Does that mean that it's impossible? No. But it may mean that the usual tips, tricks and hints don't work.


Why you need the RIGHT help to fix your sleep

When it comes to fixing your sleep, you might feel like you've tried everything. But there are some good reasons why this doesn't mean you are a hopeless sleeper, and why you should try one more time.


I can help you sleep!

Hello and welcome to The Sleep Easy Club. I'm Melissa O'Shea, a sleep coach passionate about helping people to sleep well again. I know from personal experience how it feels to struggle through each day on broken or inadequate sleep. Great sleep makes everything better. I specialise in helping people who feel like they've tried everything to get the quality sleep they need. I'd love to help you! Contact me now to discuss how we can get you the great sleep you want and deserve.

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Your Sleep = Your Health + Happiness!

With the right tools, support and mindset, we can get to the heart of your sleep issues and train you to sleep well again. Contact Melissa for a free 20 minute sleep consultation and learn what you can do to improve your sleep right away. Fill in the contact form below or email [email protected].

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"Melissa helped me to solve a sleep problem that I have had for many years. Her coaching and her methods assisted me to just about double the amount of sleep I get in a night time. I was getting about 4 hours sleep per night but thanks to Melissa's help I am now getting 7 to 8 hours regularly. This has made a massive difference to my concentration and my energy levels. I can highly recommend Melissa for the work she does."

Brendan Chestnutt

"Sleep coaching with Melissa is the best investment that I have ever made to my health and well-being. I use the sleep techniques every night and they work! Before the sleep coaching with Melissa, I would sleep 4 hours per night, waking up for long periods during the night. The sleep techniques work when I’m in a pattern of using them consistently everyday. Now, on most nights I sleep really well around 7 hours per night. I highly recommend the sleep course with Melissa."

Jaya Jones

"Hi everyone! I had a sleep problem for almost a year. I suffered from insomnia and used to wake up many times during the night. I had a lot of anxiety during those months. With the help of Melissa´s workshop and the 12 week program, now I can get a full night sleep. My favourite parts of the program were the relaxation techniques, the day and night routines and the daily grateful list! I highly recommend this program! Melissa will give you all the support you need to get back to your peaceful sleep. Thank you Melissa for all your support!"

Karla G

"Before working with Melissa my sleep was very inconsistent. I would wake up in the middle of the night or struggle initially to get to sleep and I was unable to get to sleep at all some nights. Some days I would be going to school on 3 hours of sleep which didn't help me at all. I started sleep coaching with Melissa in the last few months of year 12. The sleep techniques started working nearly immediately, and within a few weeks I was starting to sleep better. Now my sleep is far more consistent than it was before, I very rarely if at all wake up during the night, I get to sleep earlier and naturally wake up earlier so I’m able to get more things done during the day. I just had my year 12 exams and it helped me relax a lot more. I can comfortably say coaching with Melissa has improved my positivity, my outlook on life, and my results in year 12 exponentially. My sleep is great and I’m a much happier person."

Griffin Reed-Lombardo

"For around a year I’ve had difficulty in falling asleep and would often have 3-4 nights a week where I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I was feeling really helpless and didn’t know what to do to fix the problem. I decided to do Melissa's 12 week online course plus the coaching which I’ve just finished up and I can say that it has definitely helped my sleep. I would say I’m 80% better than than when I first started and it’s the best I’ve slept in a year. I feel far less anxious about going to bed and much more stable emotionally and mentally. I can’t thank Melissa enough for how much she has helped me! If you’re struggling with your sleep I would highly recommend doing her program. Thanks again Melissa!"

Andrea Lewtas

"When I signed up for Melissa O'Shea's one day Sleep Well & Relax Retreat, I was highly sceptical. I have had sleep problems for very many years and I had long given up on getting better sleep or ever feeling energetic again. Because of my sleep issues, I would feel lethargic and achy all day. I was moody and irritable all the time and it affected my productivity. I tried melatonin, over the counter medication, magnesium sprays, meditation etc. but nothing worked. They just made me more drowsy and sleepy. It got so bad that I was constantly worried about my lack of sleep and would sleep even less. When I saw the Sleep program advertised, I decided to give it one more try. By the end of the day, I was fully relaxed. At one point, Melissa's voice literally put me to sleep! However, what really shocked me was how I felt the next day. If I could bottle that feeling and sell it, I would be a billionaire! I was so energetic, I was up and about doing housework at 6.00 a.m.; I took a 3 kilometre walk and I never walk in the mornings! I have not felt like that for decades!! So now I have a personalised sleep routine, which starts in the morning, and I am applying those techniques to my daily routine. I know that I will continue to practice them because I want to feel like that every day for the rest of my life and it is something I am determined to do. I am happy that I took the time to take care of myself and get this sorted. As Melissa said, it will take time and it is not a quick fix, but I am pleased that I have started on my journey. Thanks Melissa!"

Barbara Nattabi

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