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I was always a light sleeper. The night before or after stressful events (exams, deadlines) were never good. When my son was a baby all it would take was a “meep!” from him and I’d be wide awake. But this was different. This was insomnia of another magnitude. This was lying awake until 2, 3, 4 in the morning, my chest tight and my heartbeat pumping in my ears. The only way I could fall asleep most nights was with the aid of an over the counter sleeping pill. And even then I slept fitfully, and felt hung over and groggy in the morning.
My lowest point came one afternoon driving down the freeway at 100 km/hr, my young son in the backseat. I felt my eyes drift closed and then jumped, startled out of sleep. It happened again. And again. Now I know I was dangerously close to falling asleep at the week, crashing the car and possibly killing both myself, my son, and others. At the time all I knew was that I had to stay awake to stay alive. I wound down the car windows, cranked the radio and concentrated all my effort on keeping my eyes open and on the road.
The next day, I knew I had to find help. I am so grateful that my search for an insomnia cure led me to Michael Krugman and The Sounder Sleep System™ , which became my healing ally as I discovered I was suffering from a stress-induced autoimmune disease.
With effort and the right tools, my sleep improved, and so did my health. What I learned that year not only helped me to sleep, but changed my life. I learned to value relaxation, to fully engage in the moment, and to appreciate my life and the people in it instead of rushing through everything to get to the next tick on the to-do list. Now I’m an authorised teacher of The Sounder Sleep System™ and I work as a sleep consultant leading people from stressed and exhausted to energised, relaxed and fulfilled. It’s a wonderful journey, and one that is different for each person I work with.
I know first hand how poor sleep affects everything: emotions, energy levels, immune function, happiness, the ability to concentrate. My greatest hope is that I can save someone else from ill health or accident, from hitting their lowest low. With good sleep your relationships are better, you have the energy to pursue your dreams and to function at your best at work and at home.
Sleep is the most important factor that affects our health. Isn’t it time to put an end to the frustrating sleepless nights and the endless exhausted days? Please contact me today to discuss how we can get you started on your journey to better sleep and a better life.

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