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Melissa's Top 10 Holiday Sleep and Survival Tips

As a child at my dad's house, waking up Christmas morning was a magical experience. As an adult, I got to see behind the scenes and finally realised why my dad and step-mother were always so exhausted on Christmas day! (Hint: it had something to do with staying up until 4 am wrapping presents!)

So in their honour, the # 10 tip for Holiday Sleep and Survival is:

10. Wrap gifts as you go, and definitely BEFORE the night before deadline!

This next tip is all very nice to say . . .

9. Don’t stress too much. It’s the HOLIDAYS! A week of fun, food, family and relaxation. It doesn't have to be perfect, and because of the food and family element, it can't be! So be happy with how it rolls.

It might help to accept that:

8. Your family (and sometime your friends) are your family. They probably won’t be changing anytime soon. Hopefully that’s a good thing, but if not, I've found that acceptance works better than exasperation.

7. If you are feeling isolated or lonely over the holidays (and many of us do feel this way at times), please REACH OUT. There are a lot of people who would probably love to hear from you.

I only learned the following tip in the last few years . . .

6. The shops will hardly be closed at all so don’t "panic shop". You don't need to drag home a month's supply of food!

And now for some Specifically Sleep tips:

5. I know it's boring, but try to keep a consistent bedtime routine even if you have time off work or have guests over. The same routine done a bit later should still help your sleep so don't think that there's no point if it's past your usual bedtime.

4. Also less than exciting, but If you can keep going to bed and wake up times consistent to within 1/2 hour of normal, it will help your body to sleep better.

3. Make sure your room is dark until you wake up for the day, or use a sleep mask. Sleeping in a dark room gives you better quality sleep, which is especially important if you’re in a place like Perth where the sun rises VERY early in the summertime! (Like 4:30 am early . . .)

2. If you’re drinking alcohol, see if you can limit your evening consumption to 2 standard drinks as that shouldn’t interfere with your sleep. More than this can make you drowsy but then cause rebound insomnia.

1. If you’re eating a big meal, try to do so earlier in the day, or else limit your portion sizes and try to eat 3 or 4 hours before bedtime at the latest. No one likes to go to sleep feeling blurgh.

And the most important tip: Relax! And it's ok to indulge a little bit. How else will you come up with your New Years’ Resolutions?

To help you relax (and in case you're not making it to Bali over the holidays), here’s a free relaxation for you to try: 

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So if your friends or family want to know what they can get you for Christmas or Chanukah, or if you know someone you care about has sleep or stress challenges, forward them this email as a hint! 

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I'll be in touch in the new year to tell you about some exciting news I have to share, plus a wonderful new sleep coaching program I'll be launching. Until next time, wishing you a lovely and safe end to 2019 and a fantastic start to 2020.

Melissa xo



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