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Is Self-Care Selfish?

Recently I read an article in a yoga magazine about how self-care can become self-indulgent and superficial. With a focus on expensive spa treatments and “me-time,” I can understand why it could seem that way. But I see self-care in a completely different way, as a way to be kinder not only to ourselves, but to the important people in our lives.

Most of the people I work with in my sleep and yoga business struggle at times to keep up with the demands of every day living. Self-care is often the first item that drops off the list when things get stressful or busy. The needs of children, partners, elderly or unwell family members, demanding jobs and housework all seem to take precedence over self-care.

Often it is only when a crisis, or near-crisis occurs, that my clients realise they need to do things differently. Sometimes this is a health crisis, an accident, or just a state of burnout where a tired body or exhausted mind rebel and say “No more!” Through...

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The 2 Types of Stress and How they Affect your Sleep

The Two Types of Stress

Did you know that there are two different types of stress? And that one of these types of stress is much more damaging to our sleep? We hear about flight or fight, but recently psychologists have found that flight stress and fight stress is handled differently in the body. Even more importantly than that, we are able to BY THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT OUR STRESSOR, change whether our body interprets our stress as bad or good. This in turn can make the difference between us being able to recover from stress by sleeping, or whether we are so stressed that we are unable to sleep.

Fight Stress

We can think about our “Fight Stress” as a challenge. Something that takes all of our resources, but that we have a chance to win at. This could be a fight in the playground, the bedroom or the boardroom, but the significant thing here is that we feel we have a chance and thus our body gears up to fight. A fight is something that has an end to it, and after the fight...

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