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Why Good Sleepers Still Need Good Sleep Habits

Not everyone who struggles with sleep has always been a poor sleeper. Sure, some people say they have struggled their whole life. But others are naturally good sleepers who one day just stop being able to sleep. It’s like a switch has flipped, and this switch, which they normally can flip to SLEEP DEEPLY every night, suddenly turns faulty.

Why does this happen? Often it’s age. Plus work or relationship or health or life stress. Maybe it's added to by a health issue or medication. Sometimes it’s just that you've had bad sleep habits for so long that eventually they catch up with you!

If you’re one of these usually well-sleeping people, and you are recently having problems falling or staying asleep, or it happens just occasionally, this is much easier to fix NOW rather than if you wait until your poor sleep becomes a habit. If your sleep is still good even though your habits are all over the place, then lucky you. All the more reason to change your behaviour...

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How to Fall Asleep

If you have trouble sleeping, how to fall asleep can become something you think about constantly. Falling asleep fast can seem like a distant dream when you toss and turn for an hour or more before you can fall asleep. You may have even had nights when you can’t fall asleep at all! After months or years of this, insomnia is no longer just one of a growing epidemic of sleep disorders; it’s your new normal.

It just doesn’t make sense. You’re tired. Fatigued, You want and need to sleep. You may even be doing some or all of the right things, like practicing good sleep hygiene as suggested by your doctor or psychologist or the last magazine article or internet search you did. You have a regular bedtime routine. You switch off your phone or computer at least an hour before bed. You drink a cup of warm milk and honey or camomile tea or you have a prescription for melatonin. And sure, you get sleepy, often on the couch while you’re watching TV or in the late...

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