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Why Can't I Sleep?

These days, everyone and his dog seems to have a suggestion for improving your sleep. The reality is, however, when you have insomnia —chronic or long term difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep—even medical sleep specialists find it difficult to treat.

I found this out a decade ago when I'd recently fixed my own sleep issues and was just starting out on my helping-other-people-sleep journey. While in the US for my sleep coach training,  I made friends with a woman whose husband was a sleep specialist doctor. She told him about the training I was doing in The Sounder Sleep™. Her husband wanted to meet me.

We met for coffee in a little coffee shop in Salt Lake City. I was a little nervous to meet a medical expert on sleep when I was only just starting my training. But he was really interested in what I was learning, asking me lots of questions and nodding often. Then he said something that really surprised me. “If you’re able to fix...

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