3 Mistakes to Avoid and 4 Steps You MUST Take to Sleep Well Every Night

Do you struggle with sleep? Do you feel like you've tried everything? Would you love to fix your sleep issues but don't know how?

Learn what works for chronic or long term insomnia, and how you can get the sleep you need and deserve.

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Learn WHY

sleep hints and tips often don't work to correct long term sleep problems.

It's not just you!

Learn HOW

you can reprogram your body, brain and habits to get the sleep you need.

It really is possible!

Learn WHAT

really works from case studies of long term insomnia sufferers.

If they can do it so can you!

Hosted by Dr Melissa O'Shea

Sleep Coach and Founder of Sleep Easy Club

Dr Melissa O'Shea is a sleep coach who specialises in helping adults with long-term sleep problems to sleep well again. As a former insomnia sufferer herself, she understands how difficult life can be when you struggle with sleep. Melissa shares how she was able to change her own sleep patterns, how she works with clients to get them sleeping well in 90 days or less, and how she can help you to get the sleep you need.

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