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90 Day Sleep Transformation Program

End your sleep problems forever!

Get the sleep your body deserves and end your sleep problems forever!

What you'll get:

  • Videos of amazing sleep techniques to help you fall asleep easily and fall back to sleep if you awaken. Choose the techniques that work for you and develop your own sleep support toolbox.
  • Guidance to create the right morning, day and evening routines FOR YOU that help you get good quality sleep every night. Your routine needs to work for your personality, body, and life. There is no ONE SIZE fits all when it comes to sleep.
  • All the tools you need to transform your mindset and habits from poor sleeper to great sleeper. Stop dreading bedtime and learn to love sleep and sleeping.
  • The support, encouragement, and direction to change your sleep patterns from poor to great. You are not alone with your sleep problem anymore!
  • Videos of enjoyable daytime meditation techniques, morning qi gong and evening yoga to help you reduce your stress levels during the day and create the right internal environment for deep sleep at night. 
  • Sleep assessments and sleep diary to help you identify what to change and to let you track your progress. Sleep patterns take time to change and these assessments will help you develop the motivation to get on track and stay on track.
  • The Sleep Support Program gives you the time to make great sleep your new normal, with bonus modules on what to do in the middle of the night when all else fails, how to cope with travel, jet lag, stressful life events, children, pets, food and drink to support good sleep and how and when to exercise PLUS much more.

This means you will be getting 12 weeks access to Melissa's guidance and expertise for only $497!


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